Check our tutorial with the step-by-step on how to create your blog on Shopify in just 3 minutes!


You can automatically add and install Notice via the Shopify app store.Find our plugin at this address:

Create a Notice project

Go to Notice and create an account. You will be prompted to create an FAQ / Blog / Documentation / Testimonials / Terms of Use / Privacy Policy or an Article.

Once you have your content ready, it's time to deploy.In the nav bar, select Integrations → Shopify.

Copy your project ID that looks like this: [noticefaq projectid="your project id goes here"]. Remember: the project ID is just the text inside the quotes.

Install on Shopify website

You can now integrate your Notice project anywhere on your Shopify website by just creating a new block and adding your ID project.Follow the steps below: Go to Shopify dashboard → themes → customize → choose where you want to insert your Notice content → add a new block → scroll down until apps → select Notice app.

ID Project: add your ID in the box on the left. [noticefaq projectid="your project id goes here"]

Done 😀

Created with Notice