Check our FAQ tutorial and Blog tutorial to easily create and deploy your content on Wordpress in just 3 minutes.

FAQ Tutorial

Blog Tutorial


You can install via the plugin library or by yourself.

Automatic installation via the Plugin library

You can find our plugin at this address:


1. Upload the entire "noticefaq" folder to the "/wp-content/plugins/" directory.

2. Activate the plugin through the **Plugins** screen (**Plugins Installed Plugins**).

You will find Notice FAQ menu in your WordPress admin screen.

For basic usage, have a look at the plugin's documentation.

Create a Notice project

Go to Notice and create an account. You will be prompted to create an FAQ / Blog / Documentation / Testimonials / Terms of Use / Privacy Policy or an Article.

You can now start editing your project.When you have finished creating your content it's time to Deploy. Go to Integrations in the nav bar → and select Wordpress.

Copy your project ID that looks like this: [noticefaq projectid="your project id goes here"].Remember: the project ID is just the text inside the quotes.

Install on Wordpress website

You can now integrate your Notice project anywhere on your Wordpress website.

1. In the left side menu, type "Notice" to find the Notice block. Drag and drop it inside your page, in the place you want to display your Notice project

3. A box will be displayed, paste your project ID inside and click Enter. Don't forget to click on "Update" at the top of the screen to have your changes published. Voilà, your project is live!

👉 Here's your project ID 👈


💡 Elementor users

If you are using Elementor:

  1. On the page you want to implement your content, create a new block by choosing the "shortcut" type of block
  2. Copy & paste your shortcode code

Click on update and your content will already be active on your page.

Congrats 🎉

You are done!


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